A thin, blonde nubile experiences a soap-filled shower, leading to an intense, personal climax

While most teener ladies are sniggering over guys and experimenting with make-up, 19-year-old Candy Milky is miles ahead. You see, Candy, with her platinum-blonde hair, thin physique, and lil’ but puffy titties, has a courageous aura about her. Born on April Fools’ day, she works as a cashier in Rochester, New York and weighs in at a mere 110 plumbs. Her height? A discreet 5’6″. She’s not as well particular when it comes to boulder-holders or panties, usually opting for a 32A size boulder-holder and simply shrugging at panty choices. As for more personal matters, she’s open-minded when it comes to anal, delivering suck jobs…and drinking. Masturbate? With a sly smirk, she answers, “Yep.”

But here’s the trick about Candy. She’s not that monster-sized on chit-chat, especially about something she seems to enjoy – sex. At first, we thought her quietness was a sign of shyness. Man, were we wrong! A bit of an enigma, she doesn’t mince words when things get steamy. “I don’t like a lot of talking when it comes to sex,” she shared candidly with us. “I’ll come right out and tell you what I want.” If that isn’t boldness wrapped in a teen package, I don’t know what is!

And Candy doesn’t stop at straightforward chat. As she continued to share, she unveiled that some boys have found her approach as well dominant or bossy – a notion she can’t fairly comprehend. Honesty is key for Candy and she’s unabashed about getting what she wants. If the mood bashes her, she’ll reach for her hitachi sans a 2nd thought. She’s handy witnessing porn and isn’t shy to control the rhythm during love-making sessions. “When a stud is munching me out,” she says, “I’ll pull his hair and direct him where to blow.” And when it comes to sex? “When I’m boinking, I prefer to be on top so I can control everything. It’s all about knowing yourself.” And, as they say, expertise is power. Take a peek at Candy White’s revealing photo set for more of her nasty side at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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