Blonde model Alysha really fills out a bikini

TSG editor Dave said about Naughty Alysha: “Naughty Alysha can be seen stuffing her spectacular, world famous pussy with giant toys, the kind of toys that most women would run away from. Not Alyssa. She stuffs them inside her well-greased cunt with the greatest of ease, earning our eternal admiration.”

Dave once went to bed with Alysha. An enviable position but it was all in the course of duty. When SCORE needs extras, the staff comes in handy. I’ve played casino dealers, college professors and diner customers. (My favorite part was playing a mad scientist in a Hitomi video. I considered it the role of a lifetime.) The director of a scene needed someone to lie in bed next to Alysha, playing the part of a sleeping husband so Dave pitched in. Alysha sneaks out of the bedroom while he’s sleeping to fuck her “son’s friend” in the guest room.

Most of you know that Alysha is a wife, mother and swinger. Her first TSG shoot was in 2002 for Naughty Neighbors. She wasn’t as shapely and as big-boobed as she is now but even then, she was using ridiculously giant dildos and vibrators, a specialty she practiced because 1) she enjoys fucking her pussy and butthole with them 2) extreme toys are a novelty to separate herself from the countless MILFS and mature women jumping into the porn pool. Alysha came back years later with much bigger tits to fuck porn studs and jam giant toys into her holes.

I asked Alysha a few years ago if she would consider shooting for TSG again but at the time she was too busy with her website and her life as a wife and mom. That made me sad but, hey, you can’t win ’em all.

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