Cyndi Sinclair DPs herself

Cyndi Sinclair, a 53-year-old divorcee, mom and one of our favorite 50Plus MILFs, is back, and she brought her toys with her. She’s going to fuck her pussy with one of them and her ass with the other.

OldHornyMILFs: Have you watched your scenes?

Cyndi: I have. It was a little embarrassing. It was my very first time. I know the members liked my scenes, but I have a hard time watching myself.

OldHornyMILFs: Have you shown your scenes to anyone?

Cyndi: I have not watched them with anyone, but I know people who have seen them and some of them are my friends. They like them. I just know I enjoy having sex with young men, and if it happens to be on-camera, why not?

OldHornyMILFs: How did you get into this?

Cyndi: At first I had a lot of vet bills to pay and I needed to stay home with my dog. So this became an opportunity and I took it and I really like it. I’m having a great time. It is a new passion.

OldHornyMILFs: How’s your dog?

Cyndi: He’s doing fine.

OldHornyMILFs: How old was the youngest guy you’ve had sex with?

Cyndi: Eighteen. It’s kind of exciting for me to think that somebody young and good-looking is interested in somebody my age, even if it is for sex. It works out. That’s all I want them for, too!

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