Experiencing a lively day at the pool with Jenn

“I had the chubbiest bust among all the girls at my college and in my surroundings,” Jenn recounted, her tone sultry and the twinkle in her eyes accentuated her chatty behaviour. Vaunting a bit of a cheeky sneer, she continued, “I was into volleyball. And believe it or not, the boys used to tease me because of my large body.” It seems there’s no escaping the age-old big-breast bias!

Moving on from her anecdote, Jenn’s lust seemed to bouncy over as she spoke about her dearest hobbies. “Swimming is my go-to activity – I absolutely adore the sea and the pool,” Jenn added with a zest that was visible in her voice. She also had a penchant for all natural neighborhood, finding solace in their tranquility. “I enjoy visiting places that are teeming with nature; it’s loosening. I’m a aficionado of parks, beaches, and places of that sort. The witnesses are absolutely overwhelming,” she professed, though anyone would argue that Jenn in and out of her bathing suit was fairly the show-stopper herself.

The demure glint in her eyes was substituted with a spark of mischief as she opened up about her preferences. “I’m not really an pushy type of female and I like it when studs take charge,” Jenn admitted with an assertive wink. Her voice took a softer, huskier tone as she continued, “I can’t resist being rubbed, kissed on the neck, and on the lips. And to be enormously fair,” she bent in closer, her voice a conspiratorial murmur now, “Sucking on my titties while drilling gives me the most intense climaxes.” To get to know more about this vivacious vixen – simply head over to SCORELAND.COM!


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