Jessa Rhodes jacks a cop in public
As the title of the posts says — Jessa Rhodes jacks a cop in public. It does seem rather hard to believe that such a thing can actually happen; however, that is the premise behind all of the videos, so it does appear that this is a living, breathing thing, which is shocking, and I don’t shock easily, to me as I’ve not encountered such a thing before, in my travails around the Net. With that said, this a subject that must be explored, at a later date, for sure.

For now though, exploring the adventures of Jessa Rhodes shall be a good place to start. So, click here to watch Jessa Rhodes jack a cop in public, and let that be your gateway to a world where public handjobs ain’t no big deal, which sounds like my kind of world, which begs the question…is it your world too?

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