Kim Velez appears astonishingly naked despite being dressed

Kim Velez, a true beauty if ever there was one, sure knows how to play mind games. Gents always want a sneak peek of her heavenly assets, and man does she know it. She has this unique knack for flawlessly understanding what they hanker to see her in, oftentimes before she even makes her irresistible unveil. For this particular shoot, Kim decided to squeeze into a snug pinkish sundress that accentuates her gorgeous kinks in a manner most tantalizing. Kim falls into that eternally elusive category of chicks who control to look sensuously bare even when completely clothed.

As her shoot embarks, Kim saunters with the enticing allure of an exotic dancer hitting the stage. Her notorious natural forms juggle in rhythmic movability as she confidently struts her stuff. When times comes for a small self-intimacy, she handles herself and us to the sight of all sights -her kneading her hard nips and pumping herself. With no ounce of sheepishness, she whips out a delectable secret just before reaching apex. “I like to masturbate a lot,” she admits, a confession that she’s shared a few times since we started grasping her breathtaking allure for SCORELAND towards the end of 2018.

In the relatively short span since her debut on our platform, Kim has rocketed to stardom, becoming one of the most enjoyed and famous Columbian models. Interestingly enough, there was a time when she harbored 2nd thoughts about being called back for more shoots. A ludicrous notion really! Our Squad at SCORE can never get enough of Kim Velez. To see more of this enrapturing bombshell, find her at SCORELAND.COM!


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