Lily and her 34G cups

She’s a girl who knows what bras and hot outfits to wear to make your life hard. Lily Madison models her selection of bras and then digitizes herself while the sea laps the shore behind her.

What’s the funniest reaction Lily remembers getting from a guy when he saw her?

Lily: “Guys just always shout things about my boobs like, “Hey, big tits!” That’s about it. Never anything too imaginative. I think if a guy ever said anything imaginative, he’d probably get my attention.”

What if a guy does meet you and wants to get to know you. What should he do?

Lily: “Well, he probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my boobs, which has happened before. Guys have said, ‘Can I put my face in your boobs?’ They shouldn’t do that. If you can make me laugh, you have a chance. I like guys with a good sense of humor.”

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