Lucy Rodriguez & Mer are two hot girls bored of education

Busty and nubile student Lucy Rodriguez is having some difficulties understanding her assigned lesson. “I do not understand this,” Lucy says to herself. “Where is my teacher?” Frustrated, Lucy turns her attention to something more important. Namely, her big, juicy milkers and sexy body. She rubs her pussy, squeezes her tits and sucks on her nipples. This is the traditional way for a voluptuous student to spend her time while waiting for her teacher to show up.

Finally her teacher arrives to catch Lucy misbehaving instead of working on her assignment. This stacked instructor, Miss Mer by name, is disapproving. “Miss, what are you doing?” she asks Lucy.

“I am bored,” Lucy replies.

“I thought you were studying,” says Mer, playing with Lucy’s pigtails and dangling her large tits over Lucy’s face. Apparently, the teacher-student bond between these two honeys at this school is very strong. There’s a lot they can both learn from each other with their looks and fantastic bodies. The curriculum at this school is really advanced.

“It’s just that I got bored,” Lucy claims. “Bad girl! I’ll punish you,” declares Mer as she licks Lucy’s neck and works her tongue all the way down to Lucy’s heavenly hooters. Mer drools on Lucy’s nipples and sucks on them hard. The two beauties, bored of education but eager to study sex education, take turns lovin’ on each other’s stiff nipples. When it comes to sucking nipples, Mer and Lucy have Doctorate degrees. They could teach guys how to properly suck on a busty girl’s tits.

Mer didn’t forget to bring her teaching tools, two large cock-shaped dildos. Teacher and student fuck each other’s pussies and tits, and suck on the dildos. They bump boobs and rub their nipples together. “You are a very naughty teacher. I’m going to make you cum,” warns Lucy.

Lucy squeezes her loaded breasts and squirts milk all over Mer. She spits on Mer’s knockers some more and enjoys watching Mer’s face in the throes of pleasure. Mer fucks Lucy’s pussy fast with the dildo. She wants to see Lucy cum hard and hot.

“I hope I get an A,” Lucy says, squirting milk in Miss Mer’s face.

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