Lunchtime at the no-tell motel with Elle Denay

Elle Denay, a 51-year-old restaurant manager from Austin, Texas, knows what she wants. Here, she’s working in an office. Her co-worker, Lucas, is about to go to lunch. She says she wants to join him. He asks her what she has in mind, and she lifts her skirt and says, “I thought some of this might be kinda fun.” To which Lucas responds, “So you’re talking about a hot lunch!”

A very hot lunch, over at a no-tell motel with Elle on her knees sucking Lucas’s dick, then straddling his face for some 69 action that has her overcome…or is it overcum? And then, a hard fucking. Clearly, no food is going to be eaten during this lunch hour. But Elle does offer up a creampie!

Elle is very shy and reserved in her public life, but behind closed doors (or studio doors), she goes wild. She’s into pole dancing. She’s into men and women (and once had a six-year relationship with a woman). She enjoys fucking herself with toys and getting fucked by many men at the same time.

“I once had four guys at once,” she said.

Some of them came on her face. Some of them came in her pussy. She enjoyed it all.

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