Milly Marks keeps good company

When this scene opens, we see Milly Marks putting on her shoes, and it’s a lot better than those scenes in the TV show Married With Children when Al Bundy was helping out old ladies in his shoe store. We get to see up Milly’s skirt and we also see her tits nearly falling out of her dress.

Turns out Milly is having company, and the guy is early. I’d be early, too, if I was on my way to see Milly. Well, before long, he has his hands all over her tits, she has his hands all over his cock and it’s game on. She sucks his cock deep, really gagging on it, and sucks his balls, too. Then she gives him a great tit-fuck before the fucking begins. Milly has always been a skilled practitioner of the carnal arts, but she became a much better fuck as the years went on, and this scene is proof of that.

SCORELAND: Do you like to watch people having sex?

Milly: I love it! I want to watch everyone that I care about have sex in front of me. I love to watch a guy jerk off next to me. I’ll play with myself while he does it.

SCORELAND: So you’re short and stacked, and your boobs are how big?

Milly: Well, I usually wear a 36 double-H, whatever I can find, but I know I’m bigger than that because I’m always spilling out of them. I can also sometimes fit into double-H cups.

SCORELAND: For you, shopping for a bra must be impossible.

Milly: Yeah. I just take what I can get.

SCORELAND: What can you usually get?

Milly: It’s hard because always the ones with a really big cup are too big around. I really need a 34, but 36 is going to have to work. The ones with the really big cups are usually 40 inches around. I should probably go get a custom fitting. It’s tough because I’m small around here [she points to her ribcage] and I have small shoulders.

SCORELAND: Do you like your breasts?

Milly: I love them. They’re so nice and soft!

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