Pole dancer Rebecca Love

This is the pictorial of the Rebecca Love scene posted as a two-camera video. Anthony was a regular stud at SCORE in the early 2000s. While the video is totally POV, the pictures show them fucking and sucking in positions not done in the video. There’s also no toy in the mix.

Rebecca could give as vigorously as she got from the many porn guys who railed her. She was a strong girl who didn’t look like the typical porn star. It took some time before she came to SCORE.

When Rebecca was tit-fucking a stud, she would also suck his dick.

“I bend my head down, and I lick his cock. I try to push my face down onto it. It depends on what he likes the most, because I’m down on my knees, so sometimes I’m licking his balls, and then I come back up and fuck his cock some more with my tits, then I’ll deep-throat his cock, and I can still keep my boobs around the base by his balls while I’m deep-throating his cock.”

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