Stripper Prom Queen Britt Blair jerks a dick
Yes it truly is a real thing that Britt Blair was crowned Prom Queen, while pulling double duty as an exotic dancer (stripper) at the local gentleman’s club. So, it’s not totally unsurprising that this petite 19 year old has moved on from being a high school graduate to becoming a fully-fledged pornstar, which brings us to the here and now.

That now, that I refer to, also comes with a fair bit of wow. For those that don’t believe what I say, then I ask you to do one thing, before closing off your mind for good. And what is that one thing? That one thing would be to watch Britt Blair jerk a dick. After that, if you’re not wowed, then you should check into your local mental health center as there is clearly something misfiring in your head. 😉

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