Two dicks for Miss Krystal Swift

Double dating takes on a different meaning when Krystal Swift goes out on a double date. It’s not hockey night, out to see her favorite Czech team, HC Ocelari Trinec. It means she gets all prettied-up for a date with two guys at the same time and doesn’t leave the apartment. It’s a date for porn-fucking and Krystal is caught in the middle. Her dates are Krystalized by her voluptuous body and pretty face.

It’s Xmas Day for George and Steve with Krystal as the gift. They flank her and feel her up, rubbing her pussy (she’s not wearing any panties) and her big boobs through her dress. Krystal feels their trouser junk as they finger her. The guys pull each side of her dress down to reveal her beautiful, all-natural mounds. Once they lower her bra, her tits are up for grabs and sucking.

George goes down on Krystal and licks her pussy while Steve feeds the blonde beauty some sausage. They both drop their pants so Krystal can take each man’s tubesteak in her hands and alternate between jacking and sucking them. She even tries to fit both dicks in her mouth at the same time.

So, this is a double date for Krystal Swift. Sucking one cock while the other is fucking her and doing this in different positions as she looks into the camera with a glint in her eyes. She sucks one cock while the other guy sucks her tits or eats out her cunt. She’s fucked in doggie by Steve while she swallows George’s cock and nuts. She gets fucked from behind by George as her hooters are fucked by Steve.

Krystal Swift is an adventuress in sex. She’s said that she loves being a porn model. But no matter how nasty she gets, she never loses her country-girl-in-the big-city look.

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