What item should I, in an strange twist, tuck into my posterior?

“What the hell am I supposed to thrust up my ass?” This dubious question was posed by none other than the vivacious Stephanie Stalls as she awaited her next rather sizable accomplice. The edible minx was prepping for her maiden voyage, so to speak – her first-ever on-camera rear entry experience. Skillfully hooded behind her ever-present grin, she launched her cheeky complaint. “Why do I always end up with the giant fellas?” She queried. And let me clarify, “Big guys” didn’t allude to their vertical measure or their poundage. Stephanie was referring, unashamedly, to their package size.

“Because you’ve got the chops for it,” I quipped back, a smile playing on my lips. “And quite frankly, Stephanie, you’ve earned it.” Her only answer was a half-hearted but amusing “Thanks” before she resumed her preoccupations. In this case, it involved getting herself reasonably prepped for the imminent penetration of her previously uncharted territory: Her snug but accommodating butthole. Guiding her via this endeavor was an strange instrument. Some dub it a ass plug, while others, including ourselves, label it as an “ass stretcher”.

At the starting of this rather exciting scene, a mettle named Juan aids Stephanie’s warm-up routine using a not-so-modest dildo. Juan playfully claims, “My manhood matches this toy’s girth,” to which Stephanie chortles, “It’s marginally bigger, but I reckon I can manage.” Manage she does, with the finesse of a seasoned professional despite being an amateur. You see, Stephanie is not your conventional adult film actress; ours is the only production house she’s ever graced with her talents. As I precedingly mentioned, this is Stephanie’s first-ever bung hole spectacle. Nevertheless, she handles the compete commendably—thrusting and groaning with gusto. We knew all along she had it in her. Catch more of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND2.COM!

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