Melony Hooters experiences a messy situation caused by her son's friend's inappropriate behaviour

Meet the fatter than life Melony Funbags. She’s a 52-year-old divorcee, and proud mama with kinks in all the right places. But right now she’s fuming raging. Her son left a mud behind in her pristine mansion. Just as her mettle is flaring, she spots her son’s pal lazing on her chesterfield. His naivety hammers her as endearing, if not a small frustrating. As her fury boils over, she commences to undress him. Before he knows what’s happening, he perceives the strain of his arousal being unleashed from the restrains of his pants. Ms. Knockers isn’t angry anymore – she’s all lust and sexual energy.

Suddenly, Melony’s not just a mommy anymore – she’s a gal who savors the activity of sex. She’s an accomplished at sucking and banging, and she isn’t timid about it either. To put it bluntly, she luvs a good penis. When they’re done, he leaves a filth that’s far bigger than the one her son made earlier – his cum is all over her face and chest. During an interview with IBonedYourMom, Melony confesses to her dirty wishes and adventurous wishes. Sexually, she cravings about testing SADOMASOCHISM & SADISM and shoving her thresholds. Personally, she yearns for never-to-be-forgotten experiences like hiking Kilimanjaro, skydiving, or traveling the world. And as a gal of ambition, she sets her glances on filming awesome group porks.

In her quest to break the top five list of most people boned, she pridefully unsheathes that she’s nearing her 10,000th accomplice. Her mates wouldn’t be astonished by her admission- they’ve even wondered why she didn’t commence doing porno sooner. They’re well-aware of her unapologetic bareness at home – Melony is never timid about shedding her clothes. Asked about her kinkiest sexual trysts, she describes explicit sexual acts, involving a Corvette, a major street in Phoenix, and a stage filled with 5 spectacular chicks. If anything’s clear, it’s that Melony doesn’t just enjoy sex – she savors being observed, knowing that her carnal pleasure is turning others on as well. Rest ensured, there’s slew more of Melony Melons to detect at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!

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