Kitty Bella bangs her stepbrother on the sofa

Kitty was trying to get her head in the books; though, a cacophony of zombie growls and gunshot noises from the other room kept distracting her. It wasn’t her importunate brutha this time who was making the noise, but rather one of his friends he’d promised to dangle out with. The script thickened when Kitty’s eyes faced with the friend’s in a chance rendezvous, and they found themselves sharing the chesterfield.

What started out as virginal banter shortly charged up the whole apartment with an unquestionable sexual strain. It was as if their laughter and playful teasing acted as a catalyst, converting their harmless encounter into an intense make-out session. The insignificant flirting escalated quickly into touching each other intimately, leading to voluptuous acts that would make any prude blush. The duo went from sniggering on the couch to leaving their imprints on it, studying each other’s figures with an unquenchable eagerness.

The chesterfield was hardly surviving their heated activities, as Kitten used all her might to ride his cock, a move heralded by a loud and sweat-soaked ejaculation from Kitty herself. In return, he demonstrated his appreciation for her sensuous figure by giving her profusely endowed cleavage a ‘cum tub,’ and vowing not to splash the clitties about their gorgeous encounter to Kitty’s step-brother. One can only wonder if Kitty and the pal will proceed their lil’ secret dates behind her brother’s back. Discover more of Kitty Bella’s obscene adventures at BONEDATHOME.COM!


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