Rise forcefully from your slumber, showcasing an abrupt and intense sort of vigor

Jordynn LuXXX is a all-natural born talent, it seems she was destined to shine on camera in pornography. From her torturing bod, to her voluptuous boobs and bountiful bootie, Jordynn was designed for a life of naughtiness. In the steamy sequence, “Wake Up, Bang,” she reads a letter from her roomy who is out working late. An interesting bit of information in the letter is that her boyfriend will be staying over while she’s away.

With this information in hand, Jordynn sees a golden chance to tempt the beau and get back at her roomy. You see, these 2 don’t see eye to eye, and this is a flawless chance to strike. When the unsuspecting beau crawls into bed, assuming it’s his gf waiting for him, Jordynn grasps the moment. He doesn’t rush out startled but instead lingers to love some action with Jordynn. After all, what are roommates for?

“One of my sexual desires was to do this; to make porn flicks and pose nude and masturbate on-camera,” confessed Jordynn. Not only did she live out her wish, but she also brought her husband’s desire to life. She hails from a tradition of sensuous femmes who aren’t timid about vaunting their bodies, standing alongside femmes like Nikki Cars, Jasmine Jones, Zeta Verrone, and Lilli Blue. With her husband, Jordynn admits to being sub, but in all other situations, she dominates. And she certainly exhibits her bossy type side in this plot. Jordynn might have had her revenge on her roomie, but she receives a bit of karma when Rocky gives her a insatiable straddle. It’s like they say – what heads around comes around. Tune in to XLGIRLS.COM! to see more of Jordynn LuXXX’s risqué escapades.

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