Ainsley is playing gladfully with her gigantic toy

Ainsley Adams is a 51-year-old divorcee who can only be described as ideal. From her head to her toes, it’s rigid not to focus on her tan-lined forms and her brilliant physique. But nothing compares to her greatest figure, those hefty, sweet twins she holds up high and a pussy that just thirsts attention. Did I mention her lengthy, sugary legs and her nipped-at-the-waist bod? It’s summoning to distract our attention from those temptations. Tho’, we’d be sorry not to highlight her other attractive features.

When the crew at MommysToyTime asked Ainsley what kittles her jokey bone, her response was elementary – Superb comedies. Her absolute beloved? The Hangover. It’s not all laughter and chuckles with Ainsley tho’. When asked what turns her engine on, she made it clear – Sex in the afternoon is always a kicker. Toss in a guy who is respectful of her needs, handles her like a goddess, and you’ve got her sexier than a summer in the Sahara. Another titbit? The sexier she perceives, the kinkier she gets, a testament to her confident and sensual nature.

As for the finest compliment she has ever received? “I think the hottest compliments come when you least expect them. When a stranger praises your smile or your style, it’s exceptionally flattering. We all have the potential to be sweet inwards and out,” Ainsley said honestly. What about sex on the first tryst? “Sure, if the sparks are there,” she states matter-of-factly. However, she won’t refuse that periodically slower can be torturing, particularly if you’re not just looking for a casual fling. Equally beautiful for men are dolls who play stiff to get, but ladies can play that game as well, reminds Ainsley with a wink. See more of Ainsley Adams at MOMMYSTOYTIME.COM!

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