The ex-wife of the deacon chooses to embrace a mysterious black lifestyle

Don’t you just love some good scandal? Well, picture this: the Deacon’s ex-wife — a former Sunday academy teacher and choir member, takes a wild turn. The naive, pious Southern belle, Marina Johnson, from South Carolina is now living in Florida, living a very different life. Born 49 years ago, she would have never dreamt of the lifestyle she has chosen today. “Absolutely not! I didn’t even have a thought about girls who did porn because it never crossed my mind,” she once said.

Fast forward past a bitter divorce, a fulfilling second marriage, and two decades later, Marina has made a complete turnaround from her previously prim and proper persona. Her ample D-cup assets – which are as real as unicorns by the way – would have never come about if she was still chained to her old life. What about getting it on with a complete stranger on camera? Not in her previous life. She confessed to a recent wickedly wild escapade at a swingers club, saying, “I gave my guy a BJ and then hopped on for a merry-go-round while an audience witnessed it all. What a thrill!”

Despite these steamy revelations, you’d never suspect anything if you met Marina in person. She projects the image of a polished Southern lady with a hint of allure. Well, her facade is blown in the scene that follows. A hunky houseworker shows up while her husband is away, greeted by Marina in a saucy red dress. She promises to “take care of him,” and boy, does she deliver, tending to his large manhood with great enthusiasm. The Deacon would probably pass out if he stumbles upon this!

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