The passionate Chinese amateur exhibits her diminutive torso and sensual posterior before engaging in closeness

Ever been to a de-robe club’s Amateur Night? Meet Emerald Loves, a 24-year-old Asian lady with a high-spirited vibe and a assets that groans ‘shapely.’ Standing at 5’6″ and weighing in at 112 porks, she might seem like the girl next door, but she has a mischievous side that she isn’t afraid to flash off to the cameras. She boasts of her 36A brassieres size and her love for knickers, but she doesn’t like going anal and enjoys to swallow during a BLOW JOB. The self-proclaimed enthusiastic amateur uncovers her secret: she wanks every day. A rather insatiable habit that she casually admits to sans any hesitation.

Emerald Luvs is more than just her arousing on-screen life. In her daily life, she’s a customer service representative who wears her innocent mask well. “My coworkers would be overwhelmed to see me on a porn website,” Emerald told our LA-based photographer with an impish smirk playing on her lips. But her disbelief does not stem from embarrassment or shame; rather, it derives from her reserved behaviour at her job. She epitomizes the proverb, “Still waters run deep.” Unbeknown to her fucking partners, she wields a nasty side that could put seasoned porno actors to shame.

What would her gfs say if they detected about her brave adventures? Emerald laughed aloud as she contemplated this screenplay. She confidently stated, “They’d very likely laugh and say ‘that sounds about right.'” Clearly, being the life of the party is something that runs in her blood. Reminiscing about her craziest adventure so far, her eyes twinkled, “I think the craziest thing I’ve ever done was go on stage at a disrobe club’s Amateur Night. I was so nervous, but the older dancers gave me some pointers, and I got caught up in the music.” She left us draping with a torturing detail, “It was insane how naughty it made me.” How wouldn’t you want to see more of Emerald Luvs after this tasty tidbit? Find her on PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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