Alana Lace stars in the favored, charming series, Greatest of Boobies & Tugs

Meet Alana Lace, the queen of the Tits & Tugs series. Sexual assertiveness is her middle name, and she flaps both ways – studs and nymphs. Not to mention, she’s simply ravishing. You’d find it rock-hard to look away from her curvy, stacked rack, and be drawn in by her fervently sexual persona. Her self-pleasure and boob-play videos can attest to that. Let me tell you, there’s something hypnotic about eyeing her sizeable twins swing when she’s on her back. This routine resumes in the Breasts & Tugs sequence, arguably the finest instalment so far.

All embarks with an fantastic boob flash that features vibrant juggling and exciting shaking. Alana dons a taut, shredded pink top matched with minuscule skivvies. As JMac guides her deeds, she’s all too keen to follow his lead. He kneads and pinches her colossal assets that seem to drive her to the verge of frenzy. The lubricating up of his arms and ensuing fondles, squashes, and smacks have her tits shiny. With a fast budge, Alana tosses her top aside and bends over as per his directions, tucking out her butt. A smack here and there—something she adores—and a small cunny play later, she discards her remaining panties.

There she is, on her back with legs spread wide open. As she strokes her lips and clitoris, he joins in. Rising abruptly, Alana gets down on all fours before JMac. His shaft in her slippery forearms, she alternates inbetween tugging and boob job it while confessing her enjoy for doing such acts to a boy. Alana is no stranger to all kinds of sex; she yearns for it tough. Playing the bad female thrills her. She relishes in JMac’s harsh treating of her tits and the forceful cleavage boinking. Furthermore, she likes to jack and tit-bang until he spills. Just wait till you see her immense twins as she’s on her back, taking a stream of jism. The very cum she was desperately praying for. For more of Alana Lace, visit SCORELAND.COM!

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