Natasha Dulce's appealingly sweet body is a sight to behold

Oh, how the sultry Natasha Dulce caught our attention! Once a dancer in Tampa, Florida, a city teeming with strip joints, we stumbled upon her. The fiery-eyed Natasha was willing and happy to take direction from Dave, our sharp-eyed SCORE editor, as he guided her in her first scene with us. Enter Sergio, that lucky devil who’s bedded the likes of Eva Notty and other busty babes. Silently, he offered up his manhood for Natasha’s pleasure, and she took it with gusto.

Now, let me share with you an unusual tale about how Natasha transformed from an average Joe into an irresistible vixen. It all began in the most mundane settings- a fast-food chain. Natasha, working under the golden arches of McDonald’s, found herself without a job due to her refusal to don the mandatory headgear. Just ten minutes after being dropped off by her parents, she found herself out of a job and in hot water with her folks. After being fired, the search for a new job took her down a road less travelled; she decided to slip into a pair of dancing shoes and take up stripping.

Can you believe it? She was given the pink slip by a female manager of all people! Had a guy been in charge, instead of showing her the door, he’d have spent every waking moment devising elaborate plans to get into her sizzling hot pants. Either behind closed doors, or perhaps, even in the parking lot of the burger joint. The disdainful act of letting go of Natasha marked the fast-food industry’s loss and your absolute gain. Their indifference towards this loss is truly pitiful. If I would have had my way, I’d have spread flyers of everywhere, but I reckon they’d have thrown me out on my rear.

Nevertheless, enough about fast-food debacles and unfulfilled fantasies. We have Natasha now, in all her enchanting glory. Do yourself a favor and feast your eyes on more of the tantalizing Natasha Dulce at SCORELAND2.COM!

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