Mama's got boobies

Natalie Fiore is a classic girl. She has classic beauty, and she’s classically built like some of the most-beautiful women throughout history. Soft curves, heavy boobs, olive tinted skin and dark hair. You can leave the bleach blonde stick figures at home when HH-cuppers like Natalie Fiore are around. Natalie also prefers classic forms of correspondence. Like writing friends, family and her fans on a vintage typewriter rather than sending off mass emails. This trait, like Natalie’s best scenes, has a more intimate, personal touch.

“Hello,” Natalie says as our scene opens. “Guess what I’m doing? I’m replying to one of my fan letters. Old school. He’s going to find out all of my fantasies. But those fantasies, I will also share with you today.”

When Natalie is done with her letter, she slides away from her typewriter and begins rubbing on her tits. She wasn’t joking about making our fantasies cum true today. She already has both of our heads standing at attention and our minds racing. Natalie slowly peels her clothes off and continues to tease.

“Are you ready to see my tits?” She asks. “The biggest tits ever.”

Boob hounds like us were born ready for glorious tits like this. Natalie’s tits are bigger than ever after giving birth, so Natalie was blessed with both a bundle of joy and extra handfuls of tits. Some gals have all of the luck. Natalie squeezes and fondles her naturals before moving down to her pussy. The camera zooms in and we get a perfect closeup of Natalie stroking her plump pussy.

“Oh yes, baby,” Natalie says as she strokes her pussy. “Yes baby, I’m cumming soon.”

Natalie moans and shivers as a rapturous orgasm overtakes her. Her boobs are quivering and a look of pure pleasure washes across her face. Natalie never looks happier or sexier than when she’s pushing herself to an orgasm. That’s our favorite thing about this classic girl.

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