Ellis finds out a gorgeously fitting bra for her ample squirt size

Lost in the world of literature, Ellis Rose engrosses herself in a book that’s not fairly regular. The subject matter – how to make a boulder-holder. An intricate process undoubtedly two-fold, meticulous even, reflecting the complexity of nymphs themselves. For Ellis, this isn’t a light-hearted endeavor, it involves an issue close to her heart, quite literally. For large-breasted gals such as herself, finding the brilliant fit isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Clearly, it heads beyond the all too basic bowls and titties. Backs and band sizes vary significantly across individuals, there’s no one-size-fits-all. A seemingly elementary product, yet straps can tweak, and backs can bulge.

Ellis, armed with courage and perhaps a hint of disappointment, is prepared to conquer the predicament. She parts with her SCORE t-shirt to take some necessary measurements. Her titties, her areolas, all accurately noted. A brassiere from the rack catches her eye, she tries it on, performing her own individual test to ascertain its convenience and support. The verdict – a sated beckon of approval. Never one to lodge, Ellis endeavors to attempt on a second and then a third brassiere. Each boulder-holders looked at not just as a lump of fabric, but rather as a potential solution that’s been eluding her grip.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ellis lowers her bra under her titties and indulges in some titillating self-care. Her erect nipples wetting moist from the gobbles they received, harden in protest to the thorough smacking they endure. Stockings gusset torn apart in what can only be interpreted as a brazen exhibit of self-pleasure, Ellis stretches her rosy treasure wide open for all the world to see. From the glance of it, plans about risking into bra-making will have to be shelved for another day. It seems devouring herself in reading a book about making hooter-slings undoubtedly took an unexpected turn. As they say, there’s more of Ellis Rose to be seen over at SCORELAND.COM.


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