Rhea invents an unusual technique: gigantic boobies suggesting ease for stubborn, rock-hard necks

Coming home from work, Nicky found himself stiff-necked. The kind of firmness that made you feel like you’ve just ended a tedious exercise. Desperate for some ease, he revved to his mistress Rhea for some aid. Not just any mistress, mind you, but one happy with an ample bosom. Rhea, a flamy redhead with a heart to match, was the kind of lady that could alleviate anyone’s firmness with her playful charm and commanding physique. She suggested him something nicer than any painkiller—a big-breasted rubdown. With a masochistic twinkle in her eye and a nasty smirk on her lips, she claimed it would shift the stiffness. Nicky found himself intrigued and equally exhilarated, as the attention swiftly moved from his neck to another part of his anatomy.

Rhea’s unconventional method of healing quickly escalated into a frenzy of sultry hook-up. Like an alchemist converting lead into gold, Rhea had not merely passed Nicky’s neck anguish but converted it into something much more exhilarating. Their evening was eventually consumed by lewd slurping and passionate intercourse. Who knew neck anguish could lead to such ecstasy? And just like that, voila! Nicky was cured, and oh, did Rhea enjoy her steamy “cure-time”. A remedy so fascinating and unorthodox, yet so effective—truly something to miracle at.

As if that wasn’t enough, we got thinking about something Rhea once mentioned—her enjoy for outdoor sex. Her tales were packed with the excite of different locations—from under Portland’s Burnside Bridge to the snug restrains of various vehicles, and countless times amidst lush woods! The most recent adventure involved a hiking trip that ended in a pitch-dark car backseat. The night air heightened their sensations as she spent some time pleasuring him before jumping onto him—but alas! Their tryst was disrupted by an unsuspicious hiker. But such are the risks when you live on the edge! The lively Rhea concluded her narrative with a cheeky sneer, leaving us wanting more. Catch the total story of the vivacious Rhea Creates at SCORELAND.COM!


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