The intriguing interview with Barbie Nicole for SCORE deserves a read

In her inaugural formal interview with SCORELAND, Barbie Nicole, the killer glamour model and exotic dancer, sits down with Dave Rosenbaum. As the editor of SCORE magazine, Dave has had his fair share of interesting interviews, but his meeting with Barbie left him momentarily bewildered. His eyes were locked onto Barbie’s mega-boobs that packed her tight halter-top to the brim, almost leaving him speechless for a few seconds. It’s a testament to Barbie’s allure that she can have such an influence on a man who has interviewed Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Minka, SaRenna Lee, Kayla Kleevage, Casey James and other big-bust superstars.

Maintaining his professionalism, Dave rapidly recovered from the initial shock. Years of interviewing big-bust superstars such as these had instructed him how to cope with startling sights, a mastery he aptly refers to as ‘boob shock recovery’. Despite this self-training, he confesses that he wasn’t totally immune to the lovable sight of Barbie’s mega-boobs. Her charisma and bod could disarm even the most elder interviewer.

This being a Score interview, it was only a matter of time before things got even more tantalising. Eleven minutes into their conversation, Barbie relaxed her halter-top strings, removing it altogether. With a naughty glint in her eyes and a playful smile on her face, she continued the interview sans bra, setting a new normal for unflinching candidness in Scoreland interviews. Want to see more of Barbie Nicole? Visit SCORELAND.COM!

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