Captivating Liza Biggs: not a single bikini top can contain those whoppers

Feast your eyes on Liza Biggs, the queen of the beach and the bane of bikini tops everywhere! Oh, the spectacle she must create when she decides to have a little sunbathing. I bet even the lifeguards lose their concentration, their only recourse being to form a human barricade to protect this marvel of a woman from the crowd’s ogling gazes.

Picture this if you can – Liza used to be a common flight attendant serving airline passengers. Can you even comprehend the havoc she’d wreak walking down those tight aisles? No wonder there would be a sudden rise in… ahem… ‘turbulence’ on her designated flights. But don’t get your hopes up! She exchanged serving refreshments at 30,000 feet for something a bit more glamorous. It’s a pity really; her making those pre-flight safety gestures was probably more entertaining than the in-flight movie.

But let’s not dwell on that, and perhaps focus more on Liza’s after-beach activities. Imagine her stepping out of a hot tub, oiling her incredible body and her generously-endowed triple-J cup breasts. Now isn’t that a sight to behold? Watch as her hands freely explore her curvaceous figure, stopping here and there to pat her own ‘kitty’. You’d think it would be enough, but no! She dries off and heads inside where she gets quite comfortable on the couch and… let’s say she doesn’t need any popcorn for her movie-viewing session. And if you’re curious whether she has any special talents, Liza can suck her own nipples. Quite a unique and impressive talent, don’t you think? Welcome to the world of XLGirls, folks. This is just the beginning.

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