Cami is hosting a grand try-outs for her immense bras

Well, femmes and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Cami Cooper, our huge-chested sweetheart, is in need of new lingerie, and she’s taking us along for the ride. Guiding us into a secluded boudoir, Cami presents a blinding array of brassieres, each one destined to cradle her outstanding 38Gs. It’s a look to behold, that’s for sure.

Her tatas are quite the performance – sensitive and limber and just begging to be handled. Cami can easily lean down to kiss them, smearing her crimson lip liner over her jiggly nipples. How tantalising it would be to assist in her boulder-holder selection in person! Image it: you and Cami, rifling through stacks of gentle lingerie, determining together what should bowl her beautiful cleavage. Ah, one can desire… Except, don’t get your hopes up about catching her in a nasty solo activity in the dressing apartment – obviously, that’s not her style. Unless, of course, she’s feeling cheeky and determines to give a lucky friend a sneak peek…

Sneering impishly, Cami dishes on her wardrobe choices. Her favourite? V-neck tops that cling like second flesh. Attention-grabbing and revealing? Not quite in her style – not when she’s got lil’ ones running about. But when she’s out in public, she does love looking good and showing off a bit of her body.

Finding brassieres that fit her is never truly an issue for this curvaceous goddess. She chooses Shirt boulder-holders and can easily snap them off the rack at Lane Bryant. Cami’s been happy with a bountiful chest since she was 13. As if nature already hadn’t been generous enough, having kids amped up her curves even more.

Finally, she chats about her relationship with her tits – they’re her greatest buds, her inseparable twins. But no, they don’t have names. To Cami, they’re simply “The Dolls.” And man, do we enjoy getting to know them more! Check out more of Cami Cooper over at XLGIRLS.COM!

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