The entertaining Wiggle Belle is the subject of our discussion today

Well, well, well! Isn’t it the most sumptuous time of the yr on XLGirls? Our gorgeous gals seem a tad more cheerful, a clip more effervescent and their derrieres, oh they’re shaking just a tiny bit more intensely than your average day. Pic this: Allie Pearson, an absolute glance to behold. Any man would take one look at her and immediately tumble head over high heels. The holiday spirit has her absolutely flippant with delight and guess what? We’re on the receiving end of all that infectious excitement.

“Allie, have you been good this yr?” we ask cheekily. “I’ve clearly been fairly bad!” she reacts, her laughter echoing thru the room. Oh, but there’s more in store for you, folks! Allie is prepped and oh so eager to set your Yule log alight with anticipation. “I quite enjoy my alone time,” she confesses with a twinkle in her eye. “I’ve never wielded a toy, so the vibration comes from touching my nub until I orgasm.”

But wait, there’s a catch! The glance before you is something Allie reserves exclusively for herself when at home. “The fact that you’re eyeing me do something here that I usually only do in private…well, it crams me with a thrilling feel of nastiness,” she admits. “I really do feel kinky.” And oh, how we enjoy it! For more of Allie’s nasty adventures, keep it locked to XLGIRLS.COM!

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