The hitchhiker with unbelievable hooters

Driving alone along the open highway one day, our greatest XLGirls camerist aged a view he’d never leave behind. Amid the heatwaves rippling off the asphalt, he caught glance of a figure that seemed gay-for-pay out of a desire. A tantalizing broad, wearing in suggestive lingerie, had her thumb out for a sit astride on this deprived stretch of road. This wasn’t something his overheated imagination had conjured up. No Master! It was real as can be. With a hasty deceleration, he braked rigid and pulled over, wondering if he had beat the jackpot with this hitchhiker.

To his surprise and delight, the provocative doll presented herself as Rose Redden, an Aussie siren with kinks that could make any stud swoon. Not wasting a moment, Rose embarked showing off her sensuous body and playing with her ample bosom as the camerist snapped photos. Her boldness was enthralling, and she was a natural in front of the lens, making for an sudden yet thrilling photoshoot. XLGirls interviewed Rose later: “I bet you get loads of attention,” they asked, to which she replied sassily, “I do. Yes. But I only enjoy it when it’s suitable.”

Amidst giggles, Rose admitted she preferred to ditch her bra at home, providing in to comfort over societal norms. She didn’t timid away from sharing some amusing anecdotes either. When asked about the funniest comment a boy had ever made to her, she confessed with a playful sneer that she had received a few marriage proposals, which she found jokey. One never-to-be-forgotten suitor had even invited her to a moonlit dinner on the actual moon. It seems that Rose Blush’s charm was as magnetic as her physical appeal. XLGirls commented after their exquisite meeting with Rose, “See More of Rose Blush at XLGIRLS.COM!”

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