Xena Zoraki invites you to cram her bowls with a delectable amount of jizm

Xena Zoraki is one cocky broad you need as your private trip guide during a brassieres shopping spree. Sure, this might spoil the future surprises of gifting her magnificent lingerie, but you’ll never go wrong with getting the flawless fit for her ample bosom. That’s the lesson Ace Bigs learned when he paid a visit to Xena’s place one day, enduring gifts of two brassieres he’d picked out himself. Though, his surprise fell flat – the boulder-holders were too small for Xena. But what’s a smallish misstep in sizing to a woman like Xena Zoraki?

A tenuous hiccup in the bra-size department won’t dampen the spirits of our lady Xena Zoraki. She believes it’s the thought that counts in gift-giving. So, instead of tossing the undersized bras aside, she plans on rewarding Ace for his effort and intent. The lucky dude is about to get a treat of a lifetime, beginning with a passionate and sloppy lick job. Then things fever up further when their rendezvous escalates into a exciting tit-fuck. Xena’s cool bosom envelops Ace’s pulsing member, making it vanish into the abyss inbetween her bosoms.

What comes next is a performance to behold. Xena takes Ace’s penis while on top, from behind, and sprawled on her back with legs spread eagle wide. When Ace eventually ejaculations on her large tits, Xena’s face lights up with pure rapture. She eats off his jism from her frigs, even dabbing some on her pretty, grinning face for effect. Want to see more riveting escapades of Xena Zoraki? Head over to XLGIRLS.COM! You won’t be disappointed.

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