Enjoy the fabulous attributes of Eva Notty

Eva Notty, 2010’s SCORE Model of the Year, is undoubtedly a glance for sore eyes with her hot looks and attractive charm. With her radiant face, enticing bony yet voluptuous framework that seems to be tailor-made for tight garment and bathing suits, and lustrous locks, it’s clear why Eva is a sight to behold. Her long nips and remarkable bedroom abilities are added pluses, but it’s her magnetic personality and naughty appetite for masculine attention that indeed set her apart. It’s really no wonder Eva is back in act at SCORE, bringing her mind-blowing allure back to the limelight.

Let’s talk about something that’s undoubtedly on the menu: boob-banging, and Eva’s particular fondness for it. So, what does she enjoy about it? “My titties are sizeable enough to conveniently envelop any size member, which allows for an exciting peek-a-boo game,” she confessed. Eva has a unique way of putting it: “I appreciate when the manhood emerges from between my titties, and if it’s lengthy enough, I at times take the chance to pleasure it orally.” This scene will come to life in the SCORE video titled “Cum For Eva Notty.”

In the flick, Eva embarks by getting down on all fours with her large-nippled titties squeezed firmly together and confined high up for Tony to glide his manhood between her ample cleavage and right into her waiting mouth. Farther breast banging and oral pleasuring resumes as she lays on her back. The power enlarges as Eva gets her individual region orally sated before sensing a feisty hook-up from various postures. The climax of the vid leaves Eva skillfully vibrating Tony until he reaches ecstasy right onto her. If you think Eva Notty is exceptionally passionate, wait till you get 23 minutes of this big-boobed hottie in unceasing action—materializing into one of SCORE’s steamiest dates. Look no further for more of Eva Notty’s tormenting practices, available at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!

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