It's a match between lovable boobs and engaging TV time

Ever had a spouse who incessantly snaps at you with remarks like, “You’re glued to those sports channels again!”, “Turn off the T.V.!”, or “Ugh, go do something useful, like mowing the lawn!”? Sure sounds habitual, right? We all know the drill with such nagging non stop chatterboxes. So here’s a revolutionary thought. What if, instead of regularly berating you for indulging in your dearest hobby, your important other decided to spice things up and ‘join’ the fun. How about engaging in a steamy session on the very sofa you’re comfortably nestled in? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Picture this: you’re relaxed, engrossed in the arouse of the game on TV when abruptly she saunters over. Instead of delivering you a chunk of her mind, she surprises you by letting her clothes slip off. Unfazed by your confused expression, she signals that it’s not the lawn but you that she intends to be engaged with. Meet Chavon, who does just that. It wouldn’t hurt to show this vid to your lady enjoy, would it? And once she’s caught off guard and blurts out, “What on earth is this? Are you showing me porn!?”, merely explain that it’s an educational chunk meant to kindle a spark in your relationship, focusing on satisfying each other’s emotional and corporal needs.

Theoretically speaking, she should be game and prepared to make some beguiling enjoy. But let’s face it; things don’t always pan out as expected. It’s entirely possible that you might just land in the major league of guys (the unfortunate 63%), for whom this approach backfires spectacularly. In that case, if she spills out mad, my acquaintance, we offer you capture that lawnmower ASAP and get to work. Because pal, you just dug yourself a fuckhole. Delve into more of Chavon Taylor’s passionate escapades on TITSANDTUGS.COM!

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