Stephanie Stalls is a man's woman

We’ve all heard the phrase “man’s man.” Well, Stephanie Stalls of Kentucky is a man’s woman. I’ve never seen a woman who looks more like a woman (short ‘n’ stacked, 40-26-36, F-cup tits, big, round ass) and thinks more like a man. And I don’t just mean that she’s horny all the time (although she is). I mean that she can sit down with the guys and down a few beers and talk dirty, but then she can give you the lapdance of your life, grinding her pussy into your crotch until you blow your load.

“I’m girly and tough,” Stephanie told me. “I’m tough when I have to be, to protect people I love and care about, but I can be very girly, too. I get my nails done and my hair done and my toes done. I like makeup. I wear dresses. I like to get all done up. I like being treated properly by men. What girl doesn’t?”

Stephanie is unlike any big-boobed model I’ve ever met. For one, she went to school to become a parole officer and had a 3.8 grade-point average. Second, she’s a feature dancer whose favorite place to dance is not California or New York or Florida. It’s South Dakota. When hunting season starts in South Dakota, Stephanie heads up there to give the guys a little release after a long day of shooting. She gives them a long night of shooting loads!

“I’m really aggressive with my dances, and the guys love it,” Stephanie said. “Every so often, I’ll go a little slow and be sensual, but I like being aggressive.

“I’ve had boyfriends, and I’m pretty monogamous,” she said. “I’m not a ho! Of course, I enjoy sex, but what girl doesn’t? I like a man who’ll wine and dine me and treat me like a lady. He should be intelligent, not be arrogant or mean, have a sense of humor and take care of me but not control me. Good manners is important to me. Opening doors and smiling that smile. I’m an old-fashioned girl in that way. I want to be treated right.”

And sometimes, for Stephanie, that means fucking her really hard.

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