The glamorous doll demonstrates a mighty preference for gentlemen

Guess what the super-cute Zara Brooks, our latest guest at the NaughtyMag studio, fancies in a boy? It’s all highly old-school. She’s all about chivalry; she has a thing for those classic gents who open doors for her. And let’s not leave behind about the adventurous types who take her on exotic trysts outside of the plain. But what truly makes her blood pump is the plucky thrill of making enjoy under the watchful eyes of the public.

We welcomed Zara with open hands into our studio, more than blessed to extend to her the courtesy she so idolizes. Granted, our locales weren’t anywhere near as odd or titillating as she might have liked, but she seemed more than content to undress and bare all for our cameras. Without a hint of bashfulness, she spread her gams wide open, revealing everything for the world to see. Zara is a chick who knows how to enjoy herself – thumbs dancing over her body, all while under the beautiful glare of our studio lights.

Here’s an intriguing fact about Zara – she’d much rather love a good hump with a healthy, hard member than spend her time inspecting her own figure. But don’t sense bad if you’re luving yourself solo at home – Zara absolutely loves the thought of it. She finds the idea of you pleasuring yourself to her image extremely invigorating. After all, isn’t it a fair trade? You give her what she covets – admiration and attention. And in come back, she pleases you with exclusive sights of her glossy, quivering pleasure zone lost in throes of rapture.

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