Engaging in a warmed conversation labeled as 'Hot Jerk Talk'

Danniella Levy has a charmingly perverted split personality. “I’ve got a delightfully wholesome side to me, and then there’s my delightfully filthy side that I let people see,” she confesses with a helluva smirk. Her previous professions include being a flight attendant and a lap dancer, the latter of which she peculiarly liked. “I did the entire polish. I’d wag my thighs. God, I luved every minute of it,” she gives a sly wink. “I assure you, I can still unload a stir.”

The flirtatious Danniella is a legendary face – not to mention body and bosom – on the British television station Babestation. We can’t help but understand why she’s such a sensation. When it comes to vocally stimulating a guy’s feels, Danniella stands peerless. “Yank TV has nothing on us, no pun intended,” she chortles with a sense of superiority. “Babestation is an adult TV flash,” Danniella splays, her tone bubbling with arousal. “I work both the day and night shift. It’s an implied-nude demonstrate, so it’s all done in good taste. The focus is largely on converse, so people call in for a tiny telephone fun, if you catch my drift. We boast a monster-sized number of devotees who are smitten by all the enticing stunners we have onboard.”

“But it’s not just the tantalizing talk that I excel at,” Danniella adds cheekily as she peels off her outfit and showcases her disrobed skills. “I may not be a culinary whiz in the kitchen, but I sure can lash up a good cup of English tea. Despite my lack of cooking skill, I manage to glance after my man in other rewarding ways.” She gives us a conspiratorial blink and resumes. “Think washing, ironing, and a loosening Tantric rubdown to wind down from work. And what could be more comforting than a soothing bubble bathtub lit up with candles creating an individual ambiance? Trust me when I say that I know how to keep my stud extremely, very, highly satisfied. You know what they say in England, ‘Wife in the kitchen, vixen in the bedroom.'” Want to see more of Danniella’s spectacular charm? Head on over to SCORELAND.COM!

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