The devastating big oil spill has caused massive environmental damage

Did you ever see the one about the “Big Oil Spill”? No, not the eco-disaster type, rather a more entertaining spectacle featuring a lass named Minka who’s got a body that could put even the most athletic girlage burger fanatic to shame. Look for yourself right here; there’s a video where she sizzles by the poolside in a string bikini that’s redder than a fire engine and tighter than Grannie’s girdle on Thanksgiving. Which, I’ll tell you, is saying something. No kidding, it takes a fair bit of petroleum products to give those national treasures of hers the shine we all love, but she’s worth every slick drop.

Now, sunbathing is a pastime that Minka’s taken quite a liking to and boy oh boy does it show. You should see her call over this chap Tony – prop-man at SCORE he is – hoping he’ll help her skin glisten even more under the Florida sun. I mean, you should see her breasts light up like two shiny beacons calling out to the sea of testosterone. And that titillating rubdown she gets? Got her purring like a cat in heat, wanting some action.

So she hands Tony the reins and lets him take her for a joy ride, first between her mammoth mammaries, then her small mouth and finally, her petite pussy. Ends up in her house they do, in sort of a private party. Now, Minka may be taller than Tony but remember there’s this age-old tradition in the busty ladies’ club of short fellas getting down and dirty with Amazonian bra-busters. When Tony, who’s probably about as overwhelmed as a kid in a candy store mutters, “You’ve got big tits,” she retorts with an authoritative “I know I have big tits. But I’ve got a small mouth and a small pussy!” Now if that doesn’t make you want to see more of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM, I don’t know what will.

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