Katt Messina is a naughty French Maid

The worst thing a guy can say to Katt Messina is: “Women belong in the kitchen.”

We agree. We say she belongs in the living room wearing a French Maid’s outfit.

Katt was studying landscape design when a SCORE reader suggested she model for us. Katt liked the idea. The perky redhead never modeled for any other studios, as far as we know, and that suites us just fine. Posing may have been a one-time experience for Katt. A lot of girls have done that to satisfy their curiosity or live out a fantasy. Katt was the kind of girl you’d wish all models would be. This is the kind of girl you marry.

Katt had a question for the SCORE staff.

“What is it about breasts that fascinate you so much? I thought I had met men who really like boobs, but you guys….”

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