The risqué sex sofa becomes the converse of the town

Barbara Angel, a seasoned decor connoisseur, had seen her honest share of sofas, divans, and couches in her life. Despite this familiarity with seating arrangements, nothing she met prepped her for the “sex sofa.” This was undoubtedly no elementary furniture piece; it was a super-high-tech miracle designed by the folks at in the Czech Republic. It was an innovative creation that came in diverse color options and model varieties. Barbara stood gawping at the 3rd model, still in development, her eyes as wide as saucers. The highly bold proposition of the ‘sex sofa’ had piqued her interest.

This irresistible invention was creating quite a buzz in the industry. The Eros model was designed for 2 gals. As for Barbara, she was antsy to practice the Ebos model, specifically designed for one broad. When she was approached by our camerist regarding a shoot on this uniquely modern instrument, she gleefully accepted. With an adventurous spirit and a hint of curiosity twinkling in her eyes, she jumped at the opportunity to recline on what looked like a prop from Starlet Trek, expecting it would rafter her up to a different galaxy.

We were exhilarated to inspect Barbara’s thoughts on this sexy lump. So we asked her what she thought about the practice. Barbara gleefully shared, “It was a highly interesting and pleasurable practice. I would love to have a sex chesterfield at home!” She also admitted that this was her first time facing anything remotely like this intriguing machine. When asked if she would consider having one in her apartment should the chance arise, Barbara didn’t hesitate to react with a resounding “Definitely, yes!” To further attest to how enamored she was with the piece, she added that she sincerely luved herself during the shoot. As we wrapped up our conversation, we couldn’t help but marvel at Barbara’s escapade with the sex sofa and view forward to her subsequent features on SCORELAND.COM.

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