Opal had her first on-camera anal practice, which was fairly intense

Opal Reins is a dame fearless of diving into unknown terrains, and her recent endeavor is no exception. When she boldly declares, “I’m here to do my first bung-hole foray sequence,” we can’t help but wonder. Is this the first time she’s ever explored the prohibited sphere of anal pleasure? Or is it simply her inaugural on-camera appearance in an bumhole vignette? The question suspends in the air, heavy with anticipation, as Opal gets down to biz.

In true Opal fashion, she guarantees that every step of the process is undertaken with the utmost attention to detail. She commences by thoroughly greasing her partner’s antsy member with her artistic oral skills, using a mysterious combination she playfully dubs “gooey deep throat sauce.” Once he’s suitably slicked, Opal salutes him into her pansy folds. He slips in leisurely at first, as if hesitant of her answer, but once he’s in, he boinks away with the total strength of his fervor, leading Opal on a rollercoaster of pleasure. When it comes time for the main event, Opal treats it like a pro. Every inch is taken without falter in her cock-squeezing anal. And as if to quell any remaining uncertainties about whether this is her first time, Opal exclaims with unfiltered zeal, “Fuck me in the backside! I want you in my butt doggystyle.”

But Opal’s life isn’t just hurricane sex gigs on camera. She also enjoys the exhilarate of activities like filth volleyball, pony racing, motorcycling, ice skating, white-water rafting, camping and hiking. And if you’re wondering what else turns her on aside from human interaction, she isn’t shy to admit her enjoy for a good sex toy. She revels the perceiving of a penis in one fuck-hole while a faux penis or another individual accessory is doing its job in another slot. Is she fancy? Absolutely. Does she love some ass crevice action? Without a doubt. Opal Reins is a gal of multiple tastes and surprising innards. Discover more of her on YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM.

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