She is steadily earning her stripes through resilient commitment

Ever heard of a saying, “Earning her stripes?” It’s right here! *insert cheeky wink*. Karina Hart has nailed it. Let me tell you fellas, there are outfits that are so darn good, we tend to buy them over and over again. They’re like that guilty pleasure we can’t part from. Alright, let me bring you to the point here – remember the smokin’ hot black and white striped two-piece draped over sheer fishnets? Well, you’re about to see them making a glorious comeback, this time on our gorgeous Karina Hart. So sit back, and brace yourselves for some visual delight.

This bold outfit first caught our attention when it was elegantly adorning German model Annina Ucatis in the May 2008 issue of SCORE. But hey, after Annina’s curves were done stretching that top to its limits, we had to get a new one for Karina. Of course, Karina and Annina are blessed with their unique body types (Annina being slim-n-stacked with ridiculously large augmented assets). So here’s the million-dollar question – who does the outfit justice? Or more like, who’s gonna drop jaws once out of it? But you see, this isn’t a catwalk rivalry. It’s just us trying to make things spicy by getting our super-proportioned beauties to flaunt what they got in edgy, revealing outfits.

In the accompanying photos with the video, we have something that’ll make your heart pound. Look closely at the jaw-dropping from-the-floor view of Karina’s sweet melons and the eye-popping, in-your-face, wide-angle closeup with perked up nipples ready for some attention. A picture indeed speaks a thousand words, but these two shots will leave you speechless! By the way, want to feast your eyes on more of Karina Hart? Head to KARINAHART.COM! Go on, indulge!

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