Camelia Davis shows her nice rack

Some girls model for years and years. Camelia Davis modeled for a very short time and then she was gone. Wild oats sown? Personal fantasy fulfilled? New job? New, demanding boyfriend or husband? Abducted by aliens from outer space?

Or none of the above. Who the fuck knows? I just know she was one hot mama. Just look at those big, natural tits. I’m glad she hooked up with us.

Camelia said guys constantly put the moves on her and told us a story about one unusual time.

“I was at the mall one day and I was shopping. I kept seeing this guy, and he was checking me out. I mean, he kept staring and staring. So I ended up at the food court and he came up to me and just straightforwardly asked me if he could touch my breasts. He was really hot, so I said yes. So he groped me right there at the food court and then he just went about his merry way.”

Camelia also has a lot of erotic fantasies that she was not shy about sharing.

“Sometimes I fantasize about fucking multiple guys at the same time and getting a facial from all of them. I’ve dreamed about a male friend taking me to the nearest bathroom or to his house, ripping my clothes off and fucking me senseless without any talking at all. I have a thing about getting spanked. I’ve tried girls. I was with a girl when I was 19 years old. She was a friend of mine. I’m satisfied by big cocks but not too big. I like good foreplay and knowing that I give good head. Sometimes I have sex once a week, sometimes five times a day.”

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