Jillian is throwing an extravagant hot tub party

Ready for a wild ride? Prepare for Jillian’s hot tub party!

Jillian, the firecracker who is north of her 50s, proudly flaunts her fabulous physique. Wouldn’t you? Especially when you’ve sweated buckets to keep it that glamorous! “Being a personal trainer, I get my fair share of workouts,” she humbly acknowledges. But the secret sauce, if you wish to know, is her active sex life! “It certainly does keep melimber!” she adds, winking playfully.

Her feisty nature resists any compromise on her daily dose of thrill which often extends up to seven times a day! However, there is one thing that she doesn’t have the luxury of time for in her adrenaline-pumped day – “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to self-please,” she remarks with a shrug. There’s no need for that though with so many hungry partners waiting in line, men and women alike. And she happily obliges, for their sake and hers!

Join her on her steamy journey as she immerses herself in the hot tub! “I love feeling the warm water against my skin.” A pause, then a smirk, “Keeps me wet all the time,” says this sassy spirit.

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