When vivacious Ashlyn Peaks is present in the building, no smartphones are allowed

Once upon a time, there was a dame named Ashlyn Peaks who had a bone to pick with her stud. See, Ashlyn was as kind as she was uber-sexy, but she was also strongly fed up. Her boyfriend, Nicky Rebel, had an pesky habit that echoed back to the days when cavemen were as well engaged ogling the cavern walls to notice their damsels. Substitute cavern walls with a smartphone screen, and that was Nicky. This wasn’t just any old night tho, Ashlyn had just bought a new sundress brilliantly sculpted for her curvaceous figure and she dreamed some attention.

Making a decisive move, Ashlyn reached out and lifted Nicky’s head up, pouting at him. Once Nicky actually witnessed what he’d been missing out on in favor of his smartphone screen, he was hooked. His eyes absorbed her sensual figure clothed in the body-hugging dress. A mix of surprise and delight danced in his eyes, which were now loose to appreciate Ashlyn’s curves. His mitts instantaneously wandered over her figure appreciating her generous body. Sitting back on the sofa, Nicky watched in calm admiration as Ashlyn stretched out on him, generously displaying her wondrous figure.

Then the real fun started. Ashlyn wasted no time in putting his admiration into action. She moved her assets seductively, reveling in every rub. Nicky reciprocated in kind, testing every inch of her figure with his hands and mouth. This once smartphone-obsessed guy was transformed into a lover totally engrossed in his lady. The night toyed out as they active in a passionate dance in the throes of dream, all thoughts of the outside world forgotten. That’s all for this tale but if you’re nosey for more, check out PORNMEGALOAD.COM featuring the ultra-cute Ashlyn Peaks!

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