The exciting Yankee Breast Idol is a much-loved performance

Melissa Manning was about to step into the daunting world of pro strutting as she started on her first day at SCORE. She had a certain apprehensiveness that often comes with neophytes stepping into a world they’ve only seen glossed up on TV or in magazines. After all, the thickest names from the big-bust modeling area have been featured within SCORE’s pages, beckoning these rookies with a feel of intrigue and trepidation. The company’s corporate picture could lightly be mistaken for an impersonal conglomerate, run by firm suits in a towering work environment house.

But the truth of the matter is, SCORE is just a lot of standard Joes. Folks like Dave, myself, and the rest of the staff don’t waste our days sipping Martinis in velvet smoking jackets. We’ve pitched the idea once or two times but it always gets shot down. Even visitors, typically readers vacationing in Miami who have the chance to tour our house, begin to see past the George Clooney-esque façade once they experience the reality firsthand.

The era of web cam dolls ushered in an army of bedroom-bound models, a stark contrast to the ’90s and ’00s exotic convention. I miss the real-life interaction of seeing big-titted performers on a stage, preferring to slide buck bills into their Thongs rather than clicking buttons to peak online. In my search for fresh talent, I’ve found that most cam nymphs are appalled of taking a chance out of their bedrooms and into the limelight of pro strutting. Albeit primarily intimidated by traveling to Miami and strutting in our pro studio, they swiftly acclimate. Before lengthy, they’re cramming our inbox with requests to comeback.

On Melissa’s first day, I was tasked with interviewing her on-camera before her shoot. In contrast to Dave, my job didn’t involve sharing screen time with models like Naughty Alysha. Melissa brought her sister along for moral support, who sat behind the camera during our interview. Melissa embodied the absolute ideal of an all-American, all natural, girl-next-door type with extraordinarily big bod. She’s a casual gal, liking elementary dates like dinner and ambles in the park and is sultry about reading, hanging out with her dog, going to the vids, and painting. As it was her first day and Melissa isn’t into explicit posing, I toned down my usual insatiable behavior for the interview. After our swap, she demonstrated off her bod, stripping down to puny panties. But to see more of Melissa Manning’s journey at SCORE, you’ll have to check out SCORELAND2.COM!

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