Honet Faxon presents a remarkably chubber poke stick dame

Presenting the audacious Honet Faxon, also known as the Chubber Have sex stick Broad. This scandalous hotty has dazzled audiences with her torturing performances in DVDs such as Wide Geyser Nymphomaniacs 5 and Sensual HARDCORE Naturals TWO. But wait, there’s more! In Massive Damsels, Fatter Titties, our courageous Honet takes it up a notch. She shoves the boundaries with a risqué gig that involves her and a rather massive fake penis. Oh dude, does Honet sure know how to stir the pot!

Delving into her charming backstory, our alluring siren Honet was primarily on the hunt for adult modeling episodes. Always one to push thresholds, she was intrigued by the many Czech girls who dived headfirst into the industry. Her excursion led her to secure an agency, and her agent offered XLGirls. Honet’s style of attracting attention is candidly fantastic. She’s admittedly flirty – choosing figure-hugging, uplifting bras that accentuate her magnificent curves. It’s no surprise that café servers and shop clerks always provide top-notch service when she saunters in. When not out on the town seizing the limelight, Honet is all about convenience at home, where melon-holder have no place.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the vid! The spunky sounds of Honey’s heavy sighing and the torturing squelch-squelch of her frigs playing with her wet muff are all too clear in this individual flick. It’s sure to set your heart racing and leave you gasping for more. So what are you waiting for? See more of Honet Faxon in act at XLGIRLS.COM! It’s time to pamper in some deliciously horny fun!

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