Casca Akashova asks how do I look?

While Lukas is hanging out in bed and scrolling through his phone, Casca Akashova is preparing to leave her place for a job interview. She comes into the bedroom to ask him how she looks. She looks super-hot if you ask us.

Casca is wearing a tight, formal business jacket over her lingerie and showing MAJOR cleavage. We’d hire her the second she walked into the office. Casca tries shows her outfit to Lukas but his head is buried in his phone. You see, these phones can be detrimental. Well, it’s time to open his eyes, look up and actually see this glorious woman demanding he look at her. And that’s what he does.

Just as Casca is about to leave for the interview, Lukas asks her to stay. He’s come to his senses. She sticks her tits in his face, slips off her jacket and gives him her nipples to suck on. Casca then sits on his face so he can eat her out and make her pussy wet.

Casca might be running late for her interview. No problem. First things first, like sucking and fucking Lukas.

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