The apartment offers a humble, high-quality sex service

Desiree DeLuca, a busty, phat, fair-skinned, redheaded lady, is the dream candy for any dude who appreciates ample cleavage. This particular evening, she finds herself bored in her hotel room, yearning for a tantalizing cocktail and an interesting snack. She dials room service, trusting their discretion to anticipate her needs. A bellhop arrives with her order but Desiree, uninterested in returning to the solitude of her book, asks him to remain. Obligingly he sits next to her on the bed. Tho, Desiree just got her plows done and they aren’t dry yet. The bellhop becomes her assistant, feeding her appetizing chocolate-dipped strawberries. Yet Desiree cravings more than mere strawberries. She’s longing another sort of chocolate: a meatier version that will provide her with the stress relief she needs to fall asleep.

Desiree’s dreams are rather specific. She wants a enormous, tantalizingly chunky chocolate delight to aid her in reaching the tip of her pleasure. Her fantasies extend beyond just being crammed to brim; they encompass getting individual in various ways, with her high heeled shoes on no less. This bellhop is committed to assuring that his guests are sated, even if it means going beyond his job description. He’s decided to provide top-notch client service, even if that includes a spunky liaison on the motel room floor. His fulfillment manifests in a climax all over Desiree’s snow-white titties.

Interestingly enough, Desiree was featured in Sensuous magazine back in September 2001. Back then, she was rather slender and her charms weren’t as captivatingly abundant as they are now. A SCORE photographer scouting for new faces on Pompano Beach, Florida had found out her as she was draping out with some pals. Post the shoot, Desiree returned to Pennsylvania and disappeared from the softcore industry for several years. However, when she contacted SCORE, the editors remembered her and were pleasantly surprised to see she had transformed into a bodacious, full-bodied broad over the years. Her newfound desire wasn’t just to model for SCORE again but her ambitions were set on exploring more risqué territory. She dove right into the explicit world of adult films, doing episodes that she had never tried before. This daring budge exemplifies why we often refer to ourselves as a teaching academy for neophytes: we’ve seen Desiree evolve from an first-timer V-mag model to a recognized adult film actress who’s still active and thriving in the industry. Her trailblazing trip and her unique preference for black dudes can be spotted at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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