Experiencing the thrilling sensation of both sleeping and slipping simultaneously

Our story today revolves around a smallish slumbering vixen we’ll refer to as Emy. Emy was taking an virginal siesta, her bronzed limbs on display as she drifted off into dreamland. Her bf, tho, had a different agenda. He slips out of bed and while she was off gallivanting in the realm of fantasies, he begins to toy with her cute, puny digits. She stirs, but instead of being caught off guard, she encourages him to proceed examining her diminutive feet.

Emy’s not exactly your average damsel in trouble, see. She’s the kind who enjoys a bit of flirty fun with her prince attractive while she slumbers. As he furrows his brow in concentration, fumbling her feet and touching her graceful leans, she notices him getting bigger. And that’s part of the plan. Coquettishly, she wraps her foot around his swelling manhood and commences working him slowly, mansion up strain with each measured stroke.

But then things get a puny wilder, she stomps his ball sack with arousal radiating from her eyes. Incapable to stand against any further, she slams a finger into her moist center while keeping up the pace on his eager staff. Her foot mimics the carnal pace, and shortly enough, both are squirming in heady anticipation. When he eventually pops his cork, painting her feet in a gorgeous fountain of pleasure, it incites something within her. Emy proceeds to pleasure herself, gleefully smearing the gorgeous tribute over her exquisite feet. A prompt transition really for our sleeping beauty- one moment lost in jaw-dropping slumber and the next delightfully gliding her bends over his hard tower. Do follow Emy’s torturing escapades at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!

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