Angelique, in her engaging manner, has a knack for touching us the right way

Angelique DuBois is not your average masseuse. She is a rookie to the world of adult cinema, and in her everyday life, she is a professional hitachi with a unique perspective on her career. Angelique describes rubdown as a killer, sensual practice, and she takes fine pleasure in using her hands to create feelings of ecstasy. She cherishes the skin-to-skin contact and the swap of power that occurs during a session. “I love the whole force swap,” she coos, “doing things with your hands to make people sense excellent.”

The individual successful enough to practice Angelique’s exceptional skills in this gig is none other than Rocky, a stud 37 years her younger. Unlike her usual clientele, Rocky is entirely naked; sans towel, a departure from her normal protocol. Before lengthy, Angelique is kneading his bottom – an indulgence we would all savor from her – followed by stripping herself and gliding her generous bosom along his back. This is undoubtedly an add-on service, one so indulgent you have to wonder about the cost. She then proceeds to pleasure him orally – yes, it’s certainly a premium service – before permitting him to return the favor in the most private way, which would certainly tip any price scale.

Born in South Africa and now living in Southern California, Angelique was Sixty at the time of shooting this vignette and celebrated her 61st birthday briefly after. A divorced mom of three and a proud grannie, Angelique is not just capable of performing miracles with her arms and mouth, but also with other opens up of her anatomy as well. Unluckily, you’re unlikely to find this level of service in any normal rubdown salon. But don’t we all desire we could? You can catch more of Angelique’s sophisticated escapades at SILVERSLUTS.COM!

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